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Tyres in Hove, with Hove MOT

The only point of contact that your car should have with the ground is through your tyres, they are absolutely critical to your safety and should be maintained regularly and replaced before they become a time bomb.

Tyres car wear in different ways under different circumstances:

All of these types of tyre wear are very common, a tyre being over or under-inflated is the most common but also the easiest to resolve, all modern cars (normally inside the fuel filler flap or in the driver's door shut) are marked with the correct tyre pressures, these should always be checked regularly and especially before long trips.

Alignment problems can often be resolved easily by a trained mechanic or tyre fitter with the help of a laser alignment tool, the fact that a wheel is out of alignment may well be the result of a pothole or kerb impact.

The wear caused by a failing suspension strut or shock absorber can also be easily resolved by a trained mechanic. None of these wear patterns should ever be allowed to occur and with regular servicing, maintenance and annual MOT testing, the root cause would normally be resolved before costly repairs are required.

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