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Car Brakes with Hove MOT

The brakes on a car are probably the most important but are also the easiest parts to test.

The visual inspection carried out by the MOT tester will tell him if the brake pads & discs are in good serviceable order and the rolling road will test the cars braking ability and how evenly distributed the braking ability is.

This diagram explains the brake components:

The part marked “Rotor” is otherwise known as the brake disc, it is the part that rotates with the wheel, it is compressed by the brake shoes to create friction in order to slow or stop the wheel from turning when the driver depresses the brake pedal.

The parts marked “Pads” are the brake pads, they are made of a steel backing plate and a man-made fibrous bloke that is designed to press against the disc to create friction, obviously, over time, both the pads and disc will wear away.

Part of the visual inspection of the car braking system is to see how much of the man-made block is still in serviceable condition, if a driver allows the block to wear too thin it will lose braking ability and severely damage the disc, eventually, the brakes will fail completely.

There are clear guidelines set out by VOSA (the governing body of MOT testing) that give a specific minimum depth for the brake pad so that, with regular servicing and annual MOT testing, it should be almost impossible for a motorist to find themselves driving with pads that are likely to fail or damage the disc.

This is one of the simple aspects of motorcar maintenance and MOT testing.

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