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Suspension with Hove MOT

The two most common components in a suspension assembly are the shock absorber suspension struts and the coil springs that wrap around them:

With continued deterioration of our road surfaces and an extremely noticeable increase in potholes, the suspension assemblies on our cars are coming under constant attack, combined with rust causing coil springs to break quite easily.

One of the MOT test physical/visual checks is for the tester to run his/her hand over the length of the spring, quite often it can be found to have broken inside the retaining cup at the bottom of the spring, however, they can also fracture in more obvious places in the midway area.

Loud clunking and banging when driving over speed humps (a further cause of broken springs) is clearly evident.

The potential loss of control with suspension failure is enough to know that it is a repair that must be carried out immediately, especially if it is the front suspension, there is little one can do regarding maintaining springs, like so many parts on the modern car they are considered to be “consumables” and have a relatively short life expectancy.

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